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Development cycle and how to get started

As a senior project manager in an ever-growing digital agency and the main go-to communication person when landing clients and/ or pitching projects I have had the pleasure to take part around 40-50 development consultations and the first, kick-off meeting

How we saved over 30 000 EUR for creative Agency in Amsterdam

It's no secret that development costs have risen over the last couple of years, markets are saturated, and it's getting harder and harder to find high-quality development partners. That's why lately there has been a lot of discussion about the

Top 3 Practices of Long-term IT Support

In business, good technology is not an option, but a must. Nowadays, it is technology that bridges the gap between people and possibilities. In our previous article, we have mentioned how information technology is vital in improving the overall health

Choosing the Right Software Development Company: 9 Things to Keep in Mind

Let’s face it, choosing a software development company to get your software application created isn’t the easiest thing ever. Some suppliers will intimidate you with technical jargon, hoping to project themselves as coding wizards who will get your software up within

Custom e-commerce development vs open-source platforms

Custom e-commerce development vs open-source platforms With more than 4 billion internet users around the world, you know bringing e-commerce into your business is the right decision. The hard part is deciding between a custom e-commerce solution or an open source

Developing Effective E-Commerce Solutions for Large Businesses with Microsoft Axapta(dynamics)

Thanks to the inception of modern, cutting-edge technologies such as Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and Customer Relationship Management(CRM), managing large businesses is considerably much more comfortable than old times. However, industries usually have to deal with a wide range of delicate

How to Get the Best Multi-Domain E-Commerce Solution

Setting an online store is not much of a big deal. You need the right tools, the right people, and the services to get any of your business ideas online, from the Comics T-Shirt your brother wants to launch, to