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How to Actually Increase Your Productivity Utilizing To-Do’s and Task Managers

Modern men are the busiest - this is something we all have to agree at some point or another. We live in a time where even putting some time aside for our inner-self sounds like a daydream. Add your business

Asynchronous Team Communication vs Synchronous

While it’s agreed that the lack of communication breaks a team apart, incorrect communications method also causes productivity to nosedive. Modern technologies have changed various aspects of a company’s operation, including workplace communications. Unfortunately, some teams have yet to get

Agile – or How to Stop Worrying About Deadlines

Whether you're working for a full-fledged software firm or are just a lone dev, the deadline is something we all tend to worry about. Despite how talented or creative you are, deadlines will always come as a cumbersome and redundant

Why Team Building Activities Are Important For A Remote Team

Small and medium companies are adopting the work-out-of-office policy at a rapid rate. It’s a growing trend that creates an attractive option for Gen-Y and millennial employees. But it’s also a more productive approach that reduces time wasted in commuting

How to keep your team motivated

One of the perks working with a modern software development team is the ability to work remotely from anywhere around the planet. You’ll expect that such flexibility naturally accounts for a dramatic increase in performance and quality results. But a

Why Do We Use Slack Statuses

If you’re part of a remote team, you may have found that Slack has replaced email as the preferred channel of communication between co-workers. It allows information sharing to be done effectively and discussions between departments to be conducted while