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Scenarios in Which Custom Software is The Best Solution

It would be a rather unfair comparison when pitting custom software with their off-the-shelf counterparts. Both possess pros and cons that may accelerate or hamper the growth of the business at different stages. Off-the-shelf software is typically low cost, stable and

WebRTC video call system development

Long gone the days when we needed to rely on bulky software's and cumbersome browser extensions to achieve anything close to a real-time conversation. Many of us, who used the internet for enterprise communications before 2010, are well aware of

What is MVP / Minimum Viable Product?

You may have a great idea for a product that you think might solve people’s problems but are afraid to execute it due to a lot of time and money required. But, what if I told you building a product doesn’t

KYC/AML verification solutions

Banks and Finance institutions are the real powerhouses of a nation. In this time of wide-spread international tradings and industrial collaborations, organizations need to be efficient, yet co-operative. Regulations like KYC and AML have been placed to stop the use

Finding the right CRM software

Well, hey there! Searching for CRMs are you? Well then in this case, I’m guessing that you either think that you need a CRM for managing your business and its relationships with customers or you have been advised to get

Is it Time To Invest in Custom Software?

If you’ve been holding hours of meeting with your team and fail to reach a consensus on whether to invest in customer software or not, we’re more than ready to help you out. At Netcore, we are both the angel

A short guide to Customer Relationship Management

Are you looking to have more organized and coordinated operations in your business? Is your firm taking a turn you are not happy with, in regards to customer relations and you are keen on changing things? Well, you just boarded

A bit of everything about ERP Development

The development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has continued to evolve since 2004 according to Mark Krake, Engineer and Software developer. The requirements vary among user companies as demand for latest technologies keep rising steadily. You may be looking for