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Why is it important to share desktime statistics with workers

You’ve heard how having a remote team can increase productivity significantly at work. And with the ease of connectivity, tools, and technology, you have every reason to allow your employee to work in the comfort of their home. As a

After work activities: how to be able to do things after a full working day

Even the brightest employee could suffer a burn out when he or she is continuously engaged with work without taking sufficient breaks. An important skill to survive in a modern workplace is the ability to destress daily. This prevents the

Best Ways To Manage Your Time When Working Remotely

After years of struggling with long commute hours, you’ve got your dream job where you could work remotely from home. The flexibility of being able to work without leaving your comfortable home sounds enticing, and with lesser commuting stress, you

Why Do We Have Focus Hours on Slack

If you’re not using Slack, you’re missing out big time. At least, that’s what other developers, marketers, and professionals are raving about. There’s no denying that Slack puts an end to missed emails that are buried in your inbox and