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Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle

Ever had a software coded and deployed only to suffer multiple technical issues that take weeks to address? Many companies have suffered from poorly designed software and ended up suffering massive financial damage. In some instances, a bug-filled software may cause

A Short Guide to Extreme Programming

Computer programming is the art of converting logic to actual work. Traditional programmers may disagree with us, but have you ever thought what the underlying purpose of programming is? From a programmer's point of view, you may be thinking solving problems

Apple developer Enterprise program – why and when

Modern enterprises rely on electronic devices and solutions much more than you can anticipate. Even a few hours of system disruptions can lead to a severe decrease in productivity. All those various applications used in your workplace need to be

How to Craft a Software Testing Strategy

Attempting to deploy an untested software is courting catastrophic disaster for your company. But if your software team claims that it’s undergone sufficient testing and yet you’re facing a barrage of complaints, you may have neglected an important step in

Speed-up Laravel development

PHP has been the go-to choice for developing dynamic websites for over a decade. Although the ability to use JavaScript in the backend with the introduction of Node.js has seen a significant decrease in PHP websites, it still powers over

Native vs Hybrid mobile app development

If I would guess and predict you're reading this post from your mobile phone instead of a desktop/laptop, what is the chance of me being wrong? I can say with confidence, that roughly over 50% people reading this article are

Why to open research & development in baltic

R&D centers are the core of every industry. They focus on researching and developing new tools and strategies that can help people advance in a field. It takes time, effort, and money to establish a good R&D office and cutting

Age of Electron: Rise of Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

Developing desktop applications can be full of challenges that make it hard to approach if you don't have the matching knowledge base of a CS graduate. To understand the ins and outs of your computer's ability, a solid grasp of

What to Expect When You Hire Junior, Mid-level and Senior Developers

Recruitment is about putting the right people into your team. But when it comes to hiring software developers, it could be a tall order. With software developers often classified into junior, mid-level, and senior, you often wonder where to start,