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WebRTC video call system development

Long gone the days when we needed to rely on bulky software's and cumbersome browser extensions to achieve anything close to a real-time conversation. Many of us, who used the internet for enterprise communications before 2010, are well aware of

Gulp, Webpack and When You Should Use Both

A Detailed Study into Gulp and Webpack: When and Why? I can remember the first time, back when I was a junior web developer, somebody said to me “run a build system on your JavaScript” and it totally freaked me out.

Native vs Hybrid mobile app development

If I would guess and predict you're reading this post from your mobile phone instead of a desktop/laptop, what is the chance of me being wrong? I can say with confidence, that roughly over 50% people reading this article are

Age of Electron: Rise of Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

Developing desktop applications can be full of challenges that make it hard to approach if you don't have the matching knowledge base of a CS graduate. To understand the ins and outs of your computer's ability, a solid grasp of