Jānis Blaus
Jānis Blaus
31 October, 2018

Is it Time To Invest in Custom Software?

If you've been holding hours of meeting with your team and fail to reach a consensus on whether to invest in customer software or not, we're more than ready to help you out. At Netcore, we are both the angel and the devil itself when it comes to custom software development.

Top Signs That You May Need To Start Investing In A Custom Software

While it’s true that off-the-shelf software solutions are abundance for almost every business process, investing in custom software is sometimes the better options to spur your business growth. Before you set aside a massive budget to get software built, here are some factors that you’ll need to consider to prevent creating a piece of virtual junk that you didn’t need.

1. Specific Needs That Are Not Covered By Existing Software

Our team of developers thrives when they are practically living in their code. But we would prefer not to reinvent the wheel when software development is concerned. Existing business software suites are usually sufficient to address the requirements of most companies, especially in HR management, accounting, sales, and inventory. However, there are occasions where you are left with no options but to engage a software development firm to start creating a custom solution. For instance, you wanted to streamline the shopping experience on both mobile and desktop experience to reflect the company brand, which may not be achieved by third-party platforms.

2. You’ve Been Using Multiple Pieces Of Software

Trello is one of the best online software that keeps your team organized with cards and boards.  Slack is worthy of a mention for getting your team on the same page with instant and traceable communication. While these cloud-based applications are designed to improve productivity, using more than a handful of them simultaneously in your business may backfire. You have to juggle with multiple apps, and that’s a challenge for newcomers to your team. Besides that, the increasing subscription fee may justify the development of custom software tailored to your business needs.

3. Software Is The Core Of Your Business

Most businesses realized the need to establish their presence on the internet. Some companies are founded on the internet. If your business is highly dependent on software for marketing, revenue generation, and customer engagement, you may want to develop custom software right from the start. We’ll be blunt and admit that the cost of developing a custom software may be a substantial financial burden to a fledgling company. However, it’s crucial for businesses to establish their brand identity during the inception or have a plan to do so when the business is profitable. Either way, you can’t afford to outsource brand marketing to a third party platform.

4. Your Competitor Is Using The Same Off The Shelf Software

Let’s face it. Business is so competitive than ever that every company is seeking ways to differentiate themselves from other competitors in their industry. And common sense dictates that two or more companies using the same off-the-shelf software, mainly to establish their brand, offers a limited experience to the consumers. Your business can break away from the pack when you’re banking on a custom made software. With that said, you’ll need to take advantage of the flexibility offered by building your own software, such as apps integration and providing a unique customer buying experience. Our team would gladly guide you in creating software that reflects your brand.

When You Should Stick With Off-The-Shelf Software

We’ve already mentioned that you shouldn’t start building a custom software if there are equivalent off-the-shelf counterpart available, especially if it makes no difference in increasing the competitiveness of your brand. Besides that, getting a custom software built creates a substantial financial dent for startups and small companies. Anyone that tells you differently is hiding something from you. At times, you may be better off using off-the-shelf software when you’re bootstrapping your business. The same goes for the time taken to build custom software from scratch. It may take weeks for a test version of the software to be ready, even if our programmers are working on ends on your project. And that’s not considering the efforts needed to test and ensure the software is free from bugs. Ensure that you have a realistic timeline that is synchronized with your software development agency.

Final Thoughts

Not all businesses need custom software. However, some companies can truly benefit from the competitive advantage offered by custom software in various aspects of their operations. Not sure if developing custom software is the right choice? Talk to our team at Netcore now.

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