10 signs your company needs IT maintenance

Regardless of industry, modern companies are reliant on IT systems to various degrees. Some companies use CRM or similar solutions to manage day-to-day operations. Others depend on integrated software platforms for driving e-commerce sales. For some companies, such as those offering SaaS solutions, the reliability of core and supporting IT systems are crucial to their existence.

In our previous article, we’ve highlighted the top considerations in choosing an IT service provider. Generally, you’ll want a vendor that is responsive, proactive and establish a clear measurement of effectiveness. You’ve also learned how your company may benefit from regular IT maintenance in the first article. But the harsh reality is, many companies are in denial on the needs for IT maintenance. It’s hard to comprehend the potentially disastrous consequences when every piece of your software and network are running smoothly. Until Murphy‘s Law struck and undermined the entire operation of the company. Judging by our experience, recuperating from the financial loss, salvaging damaged reputation and seeking external IT support after such catastrophic incidence is a painful process. Some companies may not survive the ordeal. By then, it was too little too late to realize that these technical mishaps can be averted, or rectified quickly with minimal losses, should there be a proper IT maintenance support on standby. Is your company’s IT infrastructure sufficiently protected? Or are you in desperate need to engage an IT service provider? Here are the obvious signs.

1. Your Developers Are Spending Precious Time On Internal Support

You have a team of 5 software developers, network specialists and database experts working tirelessly to get a game-changing app to the market. Instead of gaining momentum as the deadline looms, they are interrupted by requests to oversee operational IT issues that plague the sales and marketing department. Any business-savvy entrepreneur would recognize that this is a blatant mismanagement of human resources. It does nothing to solve the technical woes in the long run and disrupt the development activities that the developers are hired for. It will be a wiser decision to leave IT maintenance to experienced service providers and leave talented developers to what they do best.

2. You’re Worried About Security Breaches

Information is one of the critical components to remain competitive in today’s saturated business environment. It is undeniable that some parties would resort to unethical means to acquire business information to edge over competitors. Such thoughts would rob the peace of mind away from entrepreneurs who are dealing with sensitive business information. Instead of continually suspecting a security breach each time you're barred when keying in a mismatched credential, engage an IT service provider to ensure that your system is sufficiently protected. Getting IT professionals to protect business information is a wise investment, as it minimizes chances of data breach and the potential lawsuit that may follow.

3. Downtimes Are Affecting Your Business Regularly

You're trying to work your way through a hectic schedule of teleconferencing, sending pitch emails and uploading the latest list of products on your website. You hoped to finish off lunch and make yourself present at a trade event. To your horror, you spent hours fixing a modem that goes haywire and figuring out the reasons why the website backend has locked itself off. Small business owners can relate to such a situation and often wished that a single call will resolve these predicaments. At Netcore, we believe that business of all sizes can benefit from IT support and maintenance and we have helped various small business owners to minimize downtime.

4. You Lost Precious Data

Gone. Disappeared. Unrecoverable. Those are the words we commonly heard from clients who failed to protect crucial data in their businesses. In some cases, our IT personnel managed to retrieve the data through some complicated approach. But there are moments where we could only bid the data a sad goodbye. It doesn’t matter if your business involves graphic design, selling T-shirts online or a conventional retail store. Overlooking data redundancy plan is an unforgivable sin for businesses as it means compromising operations of the company. Rather than risking all your data on a single hard drive, talk to our team at Netcore for a more reliable approach.

5. Your Business Is Experiencing Rapid Growth

Somehow, you’ve figured out what clicks for your business after years of fiddling with various strategies. An exponential growth is the ultimate dream for any business owners, but it could present technical challenges that are least expected. For instance, a company’s IT resources may be spread to the limit to support the expansion of the company. Or the business needs an upgrade of an existing e-commerce platform to cater to the inrush of new customers. You wouldn’t want the poor handling of IT needs to hamper business growth. Rather than struggling to cope with new demands, it is more prudent to engage professional IT support for the company.

6. You Don’t Have An IT Team

Some businesses are not technology-oriented and having an in-house IT team is an unnecessary cost. And it’s an entirely a correct decision, as long as these businesses have a contingency plan in the case of network outage or software that refused to load. Enlisting an IT service provider helps businesses to overcome technical challenges without the high cost of retaining an in-house IT team. Of course, you’ll need to get a provider that charges reasonably and could customize the support plan to fit your business needs.

7. You Need A Major IT Infrastructure Overhaul

Are you still booting up Windows XP at work? We sincerely hope not. But operating systems aside, you may need a major IT infrastructure overhaul to cope with the rapid pace of technological change in the industry. It could be replacing your inventory system as you expand the product line. Or introducing a mobile app that synchronizes with the company website. Of course, you could spend countless hours researching the best options that are available. But we believe a wiser approach is to seek professional opinions from IT service providers. Reputable IT service providers are adequately equipped with resources and know-how in performing a major IT infrastructure upgrade. You can expect to minimize interruptions to the business as you replace obsolete IT technologies with modern alternatives.

8. You Heard About Cloud For The First Time

And you’re getting excited about it. The problem is, you’re not sure how to move key processes of your business to cloud servers without upsetting the dynamics in your business. Migrating PC based software to cloud involves more than transferring critical data to cloud servers. There are decisions in regards to cloud server specifications where professional IT service providers can offer valuable input. Besides, you’ll need reliable support and training during the switchover to ensure all of your employees are well-equipped to handle the technological change.

9. You Need A New Feature In Existing Software

But your programmer has left the company. You could hire a new developer to take on the tedious task, but you’ll have to deal with uncertainties as the developer tries to make sense of the existing code. Our you could get a new software created from scratch, which sounds like an overkill for an additional feature. This is a common dilemma for business owners and managers. It is also a clear sign that you’re in need of an IT service provider. Or rather one that specializes in familiarizing with existing software and could implement changes as required by the company..

10. You’re Setting Up New Branches In Other Locations

Geographical expansion is a necessary move for some companies. It requires close coordination between various departments, and the last thing you wanted to worry about is the IT infrastructure at the new location. There are more pressing matters than allocating your workforce to set up modems and getting the software to be functional. Having the right IT service provider on board helps to ensure all your technical requirements are well-taken care off. With the burden of IT management taken off your shoulder, your team could focus on brand marketing, customer engagement and getting your operational team to a head start at the new branch.

Bottom Line

Engaging a competent IT service provider for regular maintenance and support has become a top priority in today’s digital business environment. It is foolish to leave a business at risk to uncertainties when catastrophic events could be averted merely by having a dedicated professional IT maintenance team. Talk to our team at Netcore now and find out how we can help you to secure your business from unforeseen disruptions.

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