Scenarios in Which Custom Software is The Best Solution

It would be a rather unfair comparison when pitting custom software with their off-the-shelf counterparts. Both possess pros and cons that may accelerate or hamper the growth of the business at different stages.

Off-the-shelf software is typically low cost, stable and can be deployed almost immediately. Besides that, it has a relatively shallow learning curve where your team members could pick up without any issues.

On the other hand, custom software is tailor-made to fit a specific business and can be upgraded as the business evolve. While it requires a considerable financial investment, the custom software offers an economic advantage in the long run.

At Netcore, we’ll never suggest one over the other before truly understanding your business needs and the suitability of each type of software. However, there are certain situations where developing custom software is the best solution.

1. Unmet Unique Requirements

There is an abundance of standard software in the market. While it seems that it may have every single business needs covered, the fact is these software targets common business processes.

If you’re starting up a company that requires a complex integration of mobile app, website and a backend server with unique customer experience, you’ll have little choice except to invest in custom software.

2. Your Company Outgrew Off-The-Shelf Software

Subscription-based software is perfect for start-ups and small businesses. Asana is great for project management, and Slack keeps your team’s communication synchronized. But as your company grows, you will need to increase the subscription and probably add a few more cloud-based apps to cover operational needs.

Eventually, training every single recruit on a dozen apps will no longer be a feasible option. Coupled with the increasing subscription and licensing cost, it will be a wiser option to start building custom software.

3. You Can’t Afford Delay In Support

As business picks up momentum and grow, downtime in either internal or external software systems can trigger a chain of operational issues and bad reputations. Most off-the-shelf software solutions offer ticketing support systems, and some expect users to browse through pages of resources.

Investing in a custom software means more than developing a solution around your business but also the unprecedented level of support that comes along. At Netcore, we hate to keep our clients hanging when they are hitting the ‘help’ button.

If you’ve been spending precious time juggling multiple off-the-shelf software or frustrated that your support tickets are still ‘pending, it’s probably time to take matters into your hand.

Talk to our team at Netcore to figure out if custom software is the best solution for your business.

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