Rito online shop development


Project Description

One of the biggest projects of 2017. We planned and developed an e-commerce business system operating in multiple countries with multiple warehouses - directly connected with Microsoft Dynamics AX it automatically updates and manages the products in multiple online stores. From syncing, crawling and calculating custom shipment costs to advanced loyalty programs and different other premium features - they have it all. The development process took more than 6 months and we performed extensive testing and optimizing before the project was launched and started to run all online sales for our client.


Jaan Järv

CEO of Arkolat Group, Estonia

I would like to thank Netcore for creating and developing our new e-stores, which are now finally fully integrated with our warehouse system. During this challenging development process, Netcore has proven themselves to be a capable team that can develop and launch even the toughest and most innovative projects. I would suggest them as a partner for everyone that has demanding, big projects as they have the experience to enlarge ideas of their clients and translate them into working solutions. 

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