Agile Backend development delivered with precision

Our designs are Art, but our frontends are precise masterpieces

Our strategies and plans would take Napoleon to Moscow

From concept to launch - Netcore has your back

We are here, focused, hungry and ready to get stuff done! Netcore is a code driven digital agency
that makes cool things for cool people. From concepts and business models to designs and
high quality code - our team approach every task given - with passion and dedication.
We don't mind crazy deadlines and challenges - our priority is to always deliver!

Things we love to do

Years go by and our company gets wiser and better!
At this point we can probably help you with anything you need!

  • Websites

    For everyone - all types,
    sizes and shapes

  • Web design

    Driven by pixel perfect
    designer team

  • E-Commerce

    Empower your store with
    professional team

  • Systems

    From Banking to Logistics -
    we have done everything

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  • Product Research

    It is a vital part of developing new products, helping you avoid expensive mistakes.

  • Design & Development

    Encompasses many skills and disciplines in the production and service of websites.

  • Testing & Support

    In-depth project testing and longlasting support, we got your back long-term.

We have offices
All around the World.

With representatives in 3 different countries, we currently serve clients from more than 20 countries, providing support in 3 different languages. We strive to be your international IT partner!

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Our work process

Our work process is split into four different departments!
We can help you with something or everything!

  • Planning

    Documentations and

  • Design

    Designs, sketches and
    graphic identities

  • Front-end

    Adaptive and responsive
    - usable from anywhere

  • Back-end

    Fast and professional
    functional programming

Hand crafted, custom made

Each of our works is custom made for a specific client, its brand and business requirements.
From every pixel in design to every line of code - we don't use any public open-source solutions.

Let’s talk Business

Get in touch with our project managers and we will break your project down,
estimate and quote it. Get your project started on the same day