Why your company should opt to outsource IT support

As your business grows, there will be an increasing rate of IT issues that are plaguing daily operations. An unstable network, loss data and potential security breaches often brought business owners and managers in contemplating a crucial decision. Should the company start hiring in-house IT support personnel or will outsourcing be a better option? At Netcore, we have provided reliable IT support for companies in various industries. The CEOs and managers are glad that they have opted to outsource IT support and cited these reasons and benefits that prompted them to do so.

1. Concentrate On The Core Business

While technology startups are getting all the hype in publicity, many non-IT businesses are equally or more profitable. When the core business does not deal with IT specifically, it is natural for the management team to prefer a minimal fixed expenditure for an internal IT team.

Rather than figuring out what messes up the network configuration, these businesses will be better off focusing on their core business, such as making the best ergonomic chair.

The time and resources are better allocated on areas that promote growth to the company itself. This is what makes outsourcing IT support a great decision.

2. Minimize Cost And Expenditure

If you think setting up an in-house IT support team is as simple as hiring the best candidate on the list and expecting him or her to fix all your trouble, you are in for a rude surprise. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and you’ll need your IT support personnel to stay on top of the trend. This could mean attending training, purchasing the latest equipment and other hidden costs that will surprise you. Most companies that are prudent in their budget would opt for an external IT support provider as it incurs lesser cost while providing equal, if not better support.

As an IT support provider, we have concrete reasons to invest heavily in our team. But small and medium companies that attempt to do the same will often find their expenses ballooning without justifiable returns.

3. Leverage On Vast Experience

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to claim that a support personnel working for an IT service provider like Netcore would acquire far more experience than a typical in-house IT staff within the same period. That’s because IT support companies are constantly tackling technical issues on a larger scale.

You’ll find it frustrating, but not surprising when our team could resolve technical issues in a shorter duration than an in-house technician. Again, this has nothing to do with individual capability, but rather the depth of accumulated experience possessed by IT support companies.

When comparing both time and cost, it makes more sense to engage an external IT support provider as you can channel resources effectively to key areas that directly drives the growth of your company.

4. Free Up Internal Resources

Is your marketing wizard tied up with tedious IT support responsibilities just because he or she is good with computers? Putting employees in roles that they are not passionate off is a sure way to bring down morale. Besides, it’s also a blatant sign of mismanagement of resources that may affect the growth of your company. There are times where your company may need IT supports occasionally, and it does not justify hiring an in-house technician. Rather than putting a random staff on the role, it is wiser to engage an external IT support provider.

5. Implement New Technologies With Lesser Hiccups

The remote working culture is a growing trend in workplaces, and you may want to follow suit. But that includes getting the right software tools, establishing a secure cloud server and in some instances, enabling remote access to a printer. There’s the hard way of pouring over pages of how-to guides and tinkering with numerous settings to get the infrastructure set up. If none of your team are well-equipped with technical IT experience, chances are, you will resort to calling up an IT vendor. Ironically, it will be less hassle to engage an IT support company in the first place, and save all the frustration in trying to pick up new technologies on your own.

6. Pre-Empting Security Breaches

Security threats are real, and they can cost your company dearly if you are not prepared for such events. If your in-house IT technician is not well-trained in dealing with such a scenario, recovering from unethical attacks can be an almost impossible process. You’ll risk losing data or have the operations of your company disrupted if major systems are compromised.

Instead, you’ll want to ensure that you have an IT team that is skilled in handling security breaches and can minimize the downtime.

While that’s a key factor in opting to outsource your IT support needs, a capable vendor also helps you to perform preventive measure to minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

7. Ensure Unrestricted Restructuring Or Expansion

A business that enjoys sustainable growth will naturally result in restructuring or expansion. You’ll want to focus all your attention in core-business areas and minimizes uncertainties. Diverting your attention to non-core areas like IT requirements is a distractive move. Instead, companies that outsource their IT support are free from the burden of relocating or implementing new IT infrastructures. They will enjoy the undivided attention as the company forge a new path in a competitive industry.

Final Thoughts

Modern companies are moving at such a breathtaking pace that it is no longer not feasible to recruit, train and sustain your own IT support for small and medium companies. Besides that, engaging an external IT support company allows for contingency measures if your existing IT technician is overwhelmed.

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